Emile Janse
Healer | Mentor | Musician

There is sound vibrating inside of all of us. My calling is to support your unique musical imprint.

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           A Journey into Sound          

I grew up in the Bay Area and for a long time took piano and guitar lessons. I always found music a healing experience, but things really changed when a friend introduced me to the Native American Flute. For years after and to this day I find myself carrying a flute almost everywhere I go. Through the flute, I found great peace playing in the forest of Tilden park in Berkeley, and amongst the great redwoods of Santa Cruz.

This interest has developed into a passion and a career. I am here to assist and serve in the journey towards sound and harmony within oneself and within the collective. Check out some of the ways I support communities and individuals to awaken, enliven, empower... or hold space for surrender.

                    My Offerings                  

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"Emile is an amazing digeridoo teacher.  He taught me so much about breathing and using my entire body as a vibrational instrument in order to play the digeridoo.  He taught me how to use this instrument first and foremost to heal myself."

       -Karen Allison

"Emile is a naturally gifted healer with an ability to move the soul from darkness to light, sadness to joy, and fear to relief through sound vibration and gentle presence."