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Emile Ruben Janse

I grew up in Berkeley, California. The son of parents who appreciate art and music. I had a strong interest in sound and at 17 was introduced by a close friend to the Native American Flute. Thus, began my in-depth exploration of sound through forms that are primarily intuitive, and helped me feel peaceful and connected to myself.

My training since then has been within the guided flow of life, going to places or participating in projects and experiences which feel aligned for me. This alignment comes through divinity or god. In trusting this guidance I come to learn ever more about myself and my gifts to this world.

I live in Maui and work with clients around the world. If you feel called to work with me or curious to learn more, please schedule a call.

Maui 2022

"I participated in Emile's Vocal Empowerment Series" and thoroughly enjoyed it. Emile holds very compassionate, grounded, intuitive, and playful space, and embodies true leadership. In each session, he shared his knowledge with grace, and always welcomed participation and dialogue in the group. I left the course feeling more freedom and expansion in my body, more awakened and raw, and more alive! I highly recommend learning from him."


Learn About my Journey with throatsinging

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