Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly is it you teach?

I teach two main things. One is Accessing Your Voice. I sometimes call this Vocal Alchemy  or Voice Sound Healing. 


The other main category I teach is: Throatsinging & Overtoning

In a voice healing and empowerment lesson or workshop we focus on how to use the voice as a tool for moving energy within our bodies and emotions for full access to health and well-being and high levels of personal empowerment + self expression in the world

In a throatsinging & overtoning lesson or workshop we focus on how to isolate and produce multiple distinct pitches in the voice. Focusing particularly on the high pitches above the fundamental known as "harmonics".

Do you work in one place?

I mostly work from Maui and teach clients over video and phone calls. I share events locally here while also taking some time to tour and share in other parts of the world. I work in person with clients on Maui as well and people travel to me for in person sessions. 

What is sound healing?

Sound healing is the use of audible tones and felt vibration to support healthy energy flow in our physical, mental, and emotional systems. 


With the voice - I teach sound healing as a way to move energy inside ourselves, for access and activation of our latent talents. It is kind of like doing an internal reiki attunement, qigong sessions, or set of yoga poses. Except the way we are moving and opening energy with with our own sound vibration. Sound is very precise, and at the same time, very powerful tool.

 This also brings our unique voice, or our unique energetic signature on this planet in a more full, clear, and strong way. This helps with our personal expression in the world, and our ability to work with tonality to transmit our confidence, and clarity, in communication.

Sound Baths and Sound Journeys

In a Sound bath or Sound Journey. We are also using sounds to activate and move energy. In this experience, you are meditating in a seated position, or lying down in savasana. The sounds that I or another sound healer use activate different sensations or ways of hearing the world that bring insights, and allows deep relaxation. People often receive creative insights within sound journeys or are able to deeply release built up stress while simultaneously recognizing their personal blocks or impediments.

In my sound journeys I intuitively play the didgeridoo, native american flute, mouth/jaw harp, and do overtone singing.

What is Throatsinging?

Throatsinging is a kind of singing done by the Tuvans, Mongolians, and other nomadic cultures in the Siberian region. Throatsinging employs the manipulation of multiple sounds within the singers own voice, isolating harmonics which are very high above the fundamental. The other main kind of throatsinging uses intense throat vibrations to produce and extremely deep and powerful sound from the singers voice which is also akin to certain types of Tibetan Chant. The two main style of throatsinging are Sygyt, and Khargyraa, I teach and share both these styles.


The high, whistling overtone singing. The sygyt singer produces a drone in their throat and then makes shapes with the lips, tongue, and mouthe to isolate and amplify certain frequencies which are present in te droning sound. I teach sygyt usually using a more nasal drone and you can watch my teaching video on it here.

How many people do you usually work with?

When I teach throatsinging, I work with anywhere up to 16 people at once. I don't work with more than 16 people in a two hour workshop to make sure I give everyone enough personal training in the practice.

With voice sound healing I work with up to 100 people. This is about holding the container for exploration. The more people there are, the more potential there is for the energy amplification during the group toning practices.

Is this about learning to sing?

You will become  a better singer, But the focus is about learning to be comfortable with the sounds of your own voice, regardless of how it sounds. And, opening into the many types of sounds your voice can make. This is extremely healing and induces positive physio-psychological reactions in our bodies.


"Emile is a naturally gifted healer with an ability to move the soul from darkness to light, sadness to joy, and fear to relief through sound vibration and gentle presence."


"Emile is a natural healer who has uncanny abilities of sound by using his own vocal cords or musical instruments. He will take you on a mystic journey you'll never forget."

       -Shayan Mehdi

"Thank you Emile for this beautiful night. A healing gift!!!... After one day physically sick, I decided to give myself the opportunity to help my body and soul with this sound bath healing. During the session I started to feel so much pain relief. After the session was done the energy in my body was impressed. I'm back at home calm and healthy.

Thanks again Emile, you helped me a lot!"

-Pamela C.

"Emile helped me improve my overtone singing in just one lesson. I am still working through his insight about it being more than just technique, that there is something you can contact."

       -David Robertson

"Emile is an amazing digeridoo teacher.  He taught me so much about breathing and using my entire body as a vibrational instrument in order to play the digeridoo.  He taught me how to use this instrument first and foremost to heal myself."

       -Karen Allison