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1) Sound Meditation for Globe Institute Conference followed by
2) Interview with NEO Network (begin at 15:00) on how to use the unique frequencies in our voice for healing and empowerment

Transformational Vocal Alchemy Workshops

Tap into your own voice for accessing unique frequencies and moving energy inside your own system, with a partner, or a group.

How to Tutorials

I offer lessons in different instruments and musical techniques/styles. Below, are some short video demonstrations you can learn from.

Overtone Singing

Overtone Singing

Overtone singing is an amazing practice that takes advantage of the natural harmonics in our voice.. An hour to start, a lifetime to master.

Native American Flute

One of the simplest of all instruments. The Native American Flute has a beautiful tone that soothes the heart and mind. 

Circular Breathing & Didgeridoo.

The sound and vibrations of didgeridoo are earthy and powerful. With circular breathing you can also make continuous drones and rhythms. 

Schedule a 30 minute consult with me

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