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My offerings are unique and bring a sense of connection through empowering your voice or surrendering into blissful sounds. I work in 1 on 1 settings and in groups

Coaching & Lessons

Coaching & Lessons

Learn how to move and mold your own voice and use it with confidence and passion. Develop tools to discover how to continually open up your voice and inner resonances to become more embodied and confident in your power.

With throatsinging I teach you how to hear the overtones and multi-layered sounds in your voice. I teach you techniques for drawing out overtones/harmonics - which are already present in your voice but are often hidden or covered. My instruction brings you to a place in overtone and throatsinging in a fraction of the time it took me to learn, tailored specifically to your voice.

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Discover the power of accessing your own voice as a somatic tool for healing. Whether you are new to singing or a seasoned sound healer, my workshops are designed to connect people with their sound and provide tangible explanations on the power of sound. Together, we will explore sound inside ourselves and learn how to use these vibrations as an interactive tool inside oneself, between two people, and in groups. These workshops are potent in their simplicity and the space I create for intuitive exploration will forever shift how you think of the voice.

I offer Three main workshops.

1) Intro to Sound Healing workshop

2) Overtone & Throatsinging Workshop

3) Sound Healing Technology for Practitioners

Festivals & Performances

Festivals & Performances

Co-create music that collectively resonates and serves the community gathered. I also love collaborating with artists to create a sound that is colorful, full and embraces the audience with love.  I have performed at festivals and gatherings all over California in particular. It is my joy to create sound that harnesses a collective resonance.


Contact me at 808-315-6160 to discuss offerings at your festival or gathering.

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Sound Baths

Sound Baths

Create a sound bath where people feel at peace with their mind and inspired by their soul.  I hold sound baths where I mainly use the native American Flute, the jaw harp, the didgeridoo, and overtone singing. Each of these sounds/instruments carries their own qualities which bring people deep inside themselves. Extremely restful and rejuvenating.

I hold private and public sound baths. Contact me by phone or email to discuss holding a sound bath.

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